Why is the Schottky diode damaged?

Why is the Schottky diode damaged?

1. Poor operational management. The on duty operators are irresponsible in their work, unaware of changes in external loads (especially between midnight and 6am the next day), or fail to take timely action when a load shedding fault occurs outside, resulting in overvoltage that causes the Schottky diode to break down and damage.

2. The operating conditions are harsh. Indirect transmission generator sets, due to incorrect calculation of the speed ratio or the ratio of the diameters of the two belt discs not meeting the requirements of the speed ratio, cause the generator to operate at high speeds for a long time, and the rectifier tube to work at high voltages for a long time, promoting the accelerated aging of Schottky diodes and premature breakdown and damage.

3. Inadequate lightning protection and overvoltage protection measures. The rectifier device is not equipped with lightning protection and overvoltage protection devices. Even if lightning protection and overvoltage protection devices are installed, their operation is unreliable and Schottky diodes are damaged due to lightning strikes or overvoltage.

4. The equipment installation or manufacturing quality is not up to standard. Due to the long-term operation of the generator set in a large vibration, the Schottky diode is also subjected to external interference from this vibration; At the same time, due to the high and low speed of the generator set, the working voltage borne by the Schottky diode also fluctuates, greatly accelerating the aging and damage of the Schottky diode.

5. The specifications and models of Schottky diodes do not match. When replacing a new Schottky diode, mistakenly replacing a tube with one that does not meet the required operating parameters or wiring errors can cause breakdown and damage to the rectifier tube.

6. The safety margin of Schottky diodes is relatively small. The overvoltage and overcurrent safety margin of Schottky diodes is too small, making them unable to withstand the attacks of overvoltage or overcurrent transient process peaks in the generator excitation circuit and damaged.

7. Schottky diode has been used for a long time and has incorrect resistance value

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