Application field of fast recovery diode - on-board inverter

The vehicle-mounted inverter is actually a kind of vehicle power converter, which can convert 12V DC power of the vehicle battery into 220V AC power.

● Convert DC 12V voltage into 220V AC voltage, that is, the first stage uses high-frequency boost circuit to output DC-380V after rectification circuit.

● DC-380V output AC-220V-50HZ through inverter.

● DC/DC conversion: push-pull inverter - high-frequency transformer - full-bridge rectifier.

Common models: MUR1560FAC, MUR2060FCT, MUR3060FCT, etc.

Common model parameters: VRRM: 600V IF: 15-30A

Common packaging forms: TO-220AC, TO-247-2L

Fast recovery diode: voltage: 200-800V

Current: 4-60A

Model: MUR3060FCT, MUR3060PT

The whole series of packaging can be customized according to the special needs of customers. Welcome to call.

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