What is the function of TVs transient suppression diode?

What is the function of TVs transient suppression diode? Some engineers are still not comprehensive enough. Therefore, Youfeng Microelectronics will explain in detail the role of TVs transient suppression diode. The following is the action data of TVs transient suppression diode sorted out by Youfeng microelectronics technology department.

TVs transient suppression diode is a high-efficiency circuit protection device widely used in the world. Its appearance is the same as that of ordinary diodes. It can be divided into shaft type and patch type, and can absorb surge power up to several kilowatts. Its main feature is that under reverse application conditions, when it receives a high-energy large pulse, its working impedance immediately drops to a lower conduction value, thus allowing large current to pass through, At the same time, the voltage is clamped at a predetermined level, and the response time is only 10-12 milliseconds. Therefore, TVs transient suppression diode can effectively protect precision components in electronic circuits.

Bidirectional TVs can absorb instantaneous large pulse power in both positive and negative directions and clamp the voltage to a predetermined level. Bidirectional TVs is suitable for AC circuits and unidirectional TVs is generally used for DC circuits. It can be used for lightning protection, overvoltage protection, anti-interference, surge power absorption, etc. it is an ideal protection device. The withstand capacity is expressed in watts (W).

To be exact, it is not to reduce the rate of current change, but to provide an additional path of current. When there are inductive components in the circuit (such as inductive coils, relays, etc.), the sudden change of current will induce a large voltage, which may break down the switch or burn out the circuit. At this time, the diode provides a current path, and the breakdown phenomenon will not occur. At ordinary times, the diode works in the reverse bias state, which is almost equivalent to an open circuit. It is similar to the function of a voltage stabilizing tube.

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