What are the characteristics of Schottky diodes

Schottky diode is a low-power, ultra-high speed semiconductor device. This device is conductive by most carriers, so its reverse saturation current is much larger than that of the PN junction conductive by a few carriers. Because the storage effect of minority carriers in Schottky diode is very small, its frequency response is only limited by RC time constant, so it is an ideal device for high frequency and fast switching.

Schottky diode features:

1. High current resistance: it can withstand high surge current.

2. Low reverse withstand voltage: generally, the reverse withstand voltage of Schottky tubes is below 200V, generally around 100V, which makes the use limited

3. High temperature resistance: at present, the common Schottky tube Zui in the market has high junction temperatures of 100 ℃, 125 ℃, 150 ℃ and 175 ℃ (the higher the junction temperature, the better the high temperature resistance of the product, that is, working below this temperature will not cause failure).

4. Forward voltage drop: the forward voltage drop of Schottky diode is much lower than that of fast recovery diode, so its power consumption is small and its efficiency is high.

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