What are the three advantages of SUNMATE TVS Diode?

TVS diode has small volume and fast reaction time. It absorbs surge current and voltage at the speed of microseconds to protect electrical equipment. What are the advantages of TVS Diode?

1、 Adding TVS diode to the signal and power line can prevent the failure of microprocessor or single chip microcomputer caused by instantaneous fat impulse, such as electrostatic discharge effect, surge of AC power supply and noise of switching power supply.

2、 The electrostatic discharge effect can release pulses of more than 10000v and more than 60A for 10ms; The general TTL device will be damaged when it encounters 10V pulse of more than 30ms. Using TVS diode, it can effectively absorb the pulse that will damage the device and eliminate the interference caused by the switch between buses.

3、 Placing TVS diode between signal line and grounding can avoid unnecessary noise influence on data and control bus.

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