Common protection circuit of TVs transient suppression diode in circuit

Transient voltage suppressor (TVS Diode) has the advantages of fast response time, large transient power, low leakage current, small breakdown voltage deviation, easy control of clamping voltage, no damage limit, small volume and so on. At present, it has been widely used in computer system, communication equipment, AC / DC power supply, automobile, household appliances, instruments and other fields.

1. Three characteristics of TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) application:

-Adding TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) to the signal and power line can prevent the failure of microprocessor or single chip microcomputer caused by instantaneous pulses, such as electrostatic discharge effect, surge of AC power supply and noise of switching power supply.

-The electrostatic discharge effect can release pulses of more than 10000v and more than 60A for 10ms; General TTL devices will be damaged when they encounter 10V pulse of more than 30ms. TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) can effectively absorb the pulse that will cause device damage and eliminate the interference caused by the switches between buses (crosstalk).

-Placing TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) between signal line and grounding can avoid unnecessary noise impact on data and control bus.

2. Precautions for TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) tube in use:

The relationship between the absorbed power (peak) of transient voltage and the pulse width of transient voltage. The manual only gives the absorbed power (peak value) under a specific pulse width, while the pulse width in the actual line is unpredictable and should be estimated in advance. The wide pulse shall be derated. For the protection of small current load, the current limiting resistance can be consciously added in the line. As long as the resistance value of the current limiting resistance is appropriate, the normal operation of the line will not be affected, but the current generated by the interference of the current limiting resistance will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is possible to select TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) with low peak power to protect the low current load line.

For the suppression of repeated transient voltage, it is particularly noteworthy whether the steady-state average power of TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) is within the safe range.

How to optimize the performance of TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) in circuit application? The wiring of printed circuit board and the selection of circuit components are very important. Through reasonable placement of TVS Diode (transient suppression diode), grounding selection, parasitic inductance and loop area treatment, as well as sudden collapse TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) and diode array, unidirectional and bidirectional sudden collapse TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) Comparing the external and internal chip protection circuits, scientifically and reasonably carry out the wiring of PCB and the selection of TVS Diode (transient suppression diode) components, so as to optimize the efficiency of TVS Diode (transient suppression diode).

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