Low VF Schottky diode

The function of low VF Schottky diode is the same as that of conventional Schottky diode. The only difference between them is that the forward voltage drop is lower and the efficiency is higher. It is widely used in switching power supply, frequency converter, driver and other circuits. It is used as high-frequency, low-voltage, high current rectifier diode, freewheeling diode and protection diode, or as rectifier diode and small signal detection diode in microwave communication circuits.

The advantage of low VF is that it has lower invalid loss of power supply and can improve the conversion efficiency of power supply. For example, there is 45V, the conventional Schottky voltage drop is 0.58v, and the power conversion efficiency is 88%; The low voltage drop Schottky voltage drop is 0.42v, the power conversion efficiency is 92%, and the power conversion efficiency can be improved by 4%. Therefore, improving the conversion efficiency of power supply and saving energy and reducing energy consumption are the biggest advantages and differences.

Product features:

-Working junction temperature: - 55 ℃ ~ 150 ℃;

-Lower saturation pressure and reduce working loss;

-There are a variety of models, with a variety of packaging types to meet the needs of different applications.

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