What is low VF Schottky diode?

Low VF Schottky diode is a semiconductor device with lower forward voltage drop than ordinary Schottky diode. It can be understood as an upgraded Schottky diode with better performance and lower voltage drop. Therefore, the lower the voltage drop of low VF Schottky diode, the higher the efficiency. Therefore, the lower the voltage drop, the lower the heating, and the higher the working efficiency of low VF Schottky diode.

The advantage of low VF Schottky diode is to reduce the invalid loss of power supply and improve the conversion efficiency of power supply. The function of lowvf Schottky diode is the same as that of traditional Schottky diode. The difference between them lies in VF value and trench process. Low VF Schottky diode is a forward conduction device. VF is a DC voltage drop, that is, the loss generated in the working process. The lower the loss, the better.

The structure and characteristics of low VF Schottky diode make it suitable for high frequency rectification in low voltage and high current output occasions, detection and mixing of VHF (such as X-band, C-band, S-band and Ku band), and clamping in high-speed logic circuits. Low VF Schottky diodes are also commonly used in integrated circuits, such as Schottky diodes. TTL integrated circuits have long been the mainstream of TTL circuits and are widely used in high-speed computers.

The DC voltage of low VF Schottky diode decreases: because the Schottky barrier height is lower than the PN junction barrier height, its forward conduction MOSFET and forward voltage drop are lower than the PN junction diode (about 0.2V lower). Low VF Schottky diode has high operating frequency: because the storage effect of a few carriers in Schottky diode is very small, its frequency response is only limited by RC time constant, so it is an ideal device for high-frequency fast switching. Its operating frequency can reach 100 GHz.

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