Sunmate superior product Zener diode

Working principle:

Voltage stabilizing diode refers to the phenomenon that the current can be changed in a large range while the voltage is basically unchanged by using the reverse breakdown state of PN junction to make the diode with voltage stabilizing effect.

Transistor: due to the tunnel effect, when the reverse current reaches and exceeds the rated voltage, the reverse current increases suddenly, while the diode terminal voltage is constant. 

Cathode tube: according to temperature, it can be divided into low voltage diode (less than 40V) and high voltage diode (greater than 200V). 

Damper tube: clamp protection for the drain and source; in terms of accuracy, the tube is more accurate; in terms of current capacity, the endurance current of the tube is very small.

Product packaging

Patch volume: SOD-523, SOD-323, SOD-123, SMA (DO-214AC), SMB (DO-214AA), SMC (DO-214AB). 

Plug-in volume: DO-41, DO-15, DO-201AD (DO-27)

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